Commencing procurement of foreign-made car and motorcycle parts and components is a task requiring exorbitant amounts of work. Specifically, companies must select the ideal supplier, perform on-site supplier audits, hold product specification meetings prior to mass production, establish manufacturing and quality management systems, and oversee procedures after determining matters related to service parts and commencing mass production.

Moreover, procuring important, mass-produced safety-related parts from overseas manufacturers requires ongoing guidance and management through effective quality management systems.

Sojitz Autrans supports customers in soliciting their products to overseas OEM and parts manufacturers by offering technical communication support when commencing mass-production of parts and components and thereafter as well as other engineering support services. These services are backed by our highly experienced technical staff.


Sojitz Autrans delivers one-stop support for overseas parts and component procurement encompassing everything from negotiations to engineering.

Case Studies

  • CASE 1 Commencement of Mass Production of Chinese Supplier’s Parts for Indonesian Factory
  • CASE 2 Start of Procurement of European- / Chinese-Made Important, Mass-Produced Safety-Related Parts to Japan
  • CASE 3 Support for Selling Customer Products to Overseas OEMs in the Middle East